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Turmeric is a powerful spice which can be used in many ways. There are a number of benefits to using turmeric, from treating conditions such as arthritis and general inflammation, to helping cure the common cold. But, turmeric is not limited in use to humans; in fact, it can be used on pets and animals, from dogs to horses, for its many powerful healing capabilities. So, what are the benefits and uses of turmeric? How can you use it on pets or animals in treating different conditions? 



 Benefits of turmeric -

The powdered spice blend can be used in more than just your favorite tea blends, to add a touch of fiery-spice to the mix. Turmeric is known to have many healing capabilities, and is often used as an all natural solution to treating many conditions and ailments. These are a few of the many benefits of using turmeric.

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 1. It is bioactive -

 The yellow-colored spice has been used for thousands of years, by millions of people, for its medicinal and healing capabilities. The compounds found in turmeric, known as curcuminoids, has curcumin in it; this is most known for treating inflammation. It is also known to contain many powerful, natural antioxidants, which can help ward off the common cold. Using the extract form of the spice is the best way to ensure the highest potency levels, as it pertains to curcumin in the turmeric powder being used.


2, Natural anti-inflammatory -

 As mentioned above, curcumin, which is an active-compound found in turmeric, is capable of healing and reducing inflammation naturally. It helps fight foreign invaders, as well as heal arthritic conditions, and other inflammatory conditions, naturally. It can help treat short-term inflammation, as well as chronic conditions which individuals suffer from.


3. Increase antioxidants naturally -

 Turmeric is also known to help naturally increase recurring antioxidant levels in the body. It helps reduce oxidative damage, the spread of free radicals in the body, and helps naturally boost antioxidant levels. All of this will not only help make you feel better and more energized, but can also help fight the signs of aging, which are often associated with the spread of free radicals in the system.


4. Neurotrophic factor -

Turmeric is also beneficial in helping in the process of brain driven neurotrophic factor, which is a growth hormone which occurs naturally in the brain. If you suffer from memory loss, or have issues remembering simple things, or tasks you do daily, this can naturally help improve your memory.


5. Cancer prevention -

 The healing and natural capabilities of turmeric have made it a leading ingredient in drugs and treatments, surrounding cancer patients in recent years. Researchers have been studying curcumin and its ability to help slow down cell growth, including those which are associated with causing cancer. Multiple studies have shown how curcumin can help slow or eliminate the growth of cancerous cells over time.


Uses of turmeric -

 As mentioned above, turmeric is known for natural healing capabilities. It has been used in Western medicine for a number of years. Indian and Chinese cultures, have greatly relied upon the power of turmeric, and its natural healing capabilities, in an effort to treat many conditions, both chronic and those which aren't ongoing. For such reasons, it is highly used in its natural state, to help treat and cure many conditions.


Some of the uses of turmeric are detailed above. From helping in the research of cancer, and being used to help reduce or eliminate cancerous cells from developing, to treating chronic conditions such as arthritis, turmeric is quite powerful. There are other uses for turmeric which include:


Whitening your teeth -

Believe it or not the gold-colored powder can help whiten your teeth. You can use it in a paste form, or in a mouth rinse; as it doesn't contact the enamel, but rather cleans the exterior of the teeth, it won't stain the tooth's enamel. It will help improve the appearance of your smile over time.


Scalp treatment -

Olive oil and turmeric can help in treating or ridding the scalp of dandruff. As this blend will help to soften the scalp, and avoid dryness and irritation, it will eliminate the white-dandruff flakes from forming on the scalp. It will also help with itching, irritation, and damaging the skin on the scalp.


Treat swimmer's ear -

If you've ever suffered from swimmer's ear, you know how painful, and annoying it can be. The ringing in your ears, along with the constant pain, is something nobody wishes to suffer from. Adding turmeric to a mix of warm garlic-oil, and applying this to the canal of the ear, can help reduce inflammation, redness, and over time will help reduce the pain and soreness which is commonly associated with this condition.


 Stomach pain - 

Treating a stomach ache, colic, or common stomach pains, is something which turmeric can also do. Simply taking 500 mg per day can help with treating general pain, chronic conditions, and issues such as GERD, which should eliminate themselves over time when using this spice-blend solution.


Treat arthritis - 

The inflammation, swelling, and pain, are often the leading issues which cause pain in the joints of those who do suffer from arthritis. Whether it is chronic, infrequent, or something you struggle with on a daily basis, turmeric can help in treating it. As turmeric is so well known for its anti inflammatory capabilities, it is an natural soltuion to treating arthritis, as well as other conditions which are known to cause inflammation. You can use it as a rub, and apply it directly to the affected areas on a daily basis. Not only will it help to reduce the swelling over time, but you are going to notice it is easier for you to move your joints, you are naturally going to feel more mobile, and over time, it might help in curing the arthritis which you suffer from, if it is not too far gone (or too severe).


Alzheimer's and memory loss -

Turmeric is known to help produce neurons and help eliminate the free flow of free radicals in your body. This is naturally going to help improve and enhance your memory and ability to retain information easily. It can also help to treat those who suffer from severe memory loss, and conditions such as Alzheimer's. Although it is not a cure, it is possible that those who suffer, will find it easier to remember trivial things, and remember names/places, which they often forget, as a result of the condition which they suffer from.


Use it on foods -

You can use it for sanitation, and to help make meats safer to consume as well. Studies have indicated it can help reduce HCA levels in meat, by up to 40%. This is great for chicken, red meats, and other foods which are known to cause contamination issues, or are unsafe to consume, if they are under cooked. When it is used as a natural spice or rub on these foods, you can instantly reduce the possibility of getting sick, or of the contamination which naturally occurs in such foods.


You might've known of a few of these uses, but turmeric, as is the case with many natural spices, is a great all natural remedy for a number of conditions and ailments. You might not be aware of the fact that you can also use it on animals. Dogs, cats, even horses, might benefit from turmeric in their diet, or as an ointment type solution, in a number of ways. So, how exactly can turmeric be used as a natural healer for animals? Below we will detail a few ways.


How can turmeric be used on animals? -

We've detailed a number of the healing capabilities of turmeric; we also know it is a natural healer for diseases, ailments, pain, and other conditions such as inflammation. A few of the ways in which it can be used on animals include:


1. Curcumin effect -

 As we detailed above, curcumin has a number of benefits for humans; but, it is also beneficial to animals. It can help prevent the spread of diseases. It can work as a natural anti inflammatory. It can help in treating stomach conditions and pain. It can naturally block the enzyme which is known to cause inflammation; if your animal suffers from conditions like arthritis, this is a natural way to treat the pain, and possibly help in curing it over time as well.


2. Antioxidant blend -

 Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant. This is not only going to put your animal in a better mood naturally, it is also going to help increase their energy levels. It will enhance the way they feel and it can help improve the manner in which they move. The antioxidants in turmeric are also beneficial in:

 - Staving off cancer. 

- Promoting healthy liver function in your pet.

- Improve/maintain a healthy digestive tract and function.

- Control blood sugar levels.


In addition to this, it can help promote healthy skin, fur, and lower levels of the dermis. It will help ensure your pet's fur and pelt are smooth and soft at all times.


3. Improve eye and skin health -

 By naturally reducing the levels of free radicals in your pets and animals, turmeric is going to improve the condition of their skin and help improve eye conditions. It can help rejuvenate issues with lost or dull vision, it can help preserve overall health levels, and it is going to work as a natural way to promote longevity and health, for your pets.


4. Sarcoma treatment -

In cats, sarcoma is a progression of an auto-immune disease, which progressively gets worst over time. It causes your cat's health and immune system to shut down and fail over time. Turmeric, and the presence of curcumin, have been known to help improve and reduce the possibility that your cat will suffer from this condition as well. It has also been known to slow down the progression, in cats who do suffer from this auto-immune disease, so your cat will remain healthier for longer periods of time, and it might help in the aging process if they do suffer from this condition.


5. Stress levels -

Yes, your pets also suffer from high stress conditions. So, just as you would use it to treat stress you struggle with, you can also use it to help keep your pet's stress levels down as well. Although it might not help all conditions, it is a natural relaxant, so it is possible that it can help your pet calm down, improve their mood, and reduce natural stress levels which they suffer from.


If you do choose to give your pet turmeric, in the form of the spice or as a supplement, the best way in which you should give it to them is to mix it in with their food. You can find natural powders or supplement blends, which are easy to mix right into their food, so they do not try to resist or spit up the turmeric blend which you are giving them, for improved overall levels of health. There are also some pills you can give to your pets, but depending on their ability to take these items, you might be best served mixing a paste, or using a drop based solution, and simply adding it to the foods you feed them on a daily basis.


Turmeric has been used for thousands of years; it is well known in Western medicine, and it has long been touted as one of the most powerful, all natural blends, in treating conditions. Although it is most well known for its anti-inflammatory benefits, it can do far more than treat conditions of inflammation. And, as research and studies have suggested, it can be used on humans, as well as on animals, in an effort to treat different conditions which they suffer from.


For those who are looking for all natural solutions and medicine, this is a great option. Turmeric is not only going to help reduce stress, improve pain, and help in treating inflammation, but it also features a number of immune system improvements, for both humans and for animals, which make it a potent and highly-safe solution, for treating such conditions.