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Benefits & Uses of Thyme 

As is the case with so many herbs, thyme has been long used as an alternative, holistic form of treating various ailments and conditions. And, as is the case with the other herbs used for treating such conditions, thyme is tied to the ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian cultures. It has been used for centuries on end to treat various conditions. Prior to traditional, westernized medicine which we have available to us today, prescriptions were not an option for ancient cultures. Therefore,

the healing benefits and components of herbs, such as thyme, rosemary, chamomile (and many others), were frequently and highly used, in treating injuries, chronic conditions, pain, discomfort, skin conditions, and so forth. From helping to boost the immune system when you are feeling down or ill, helping alleviate the common cold or cough, or even aiding in the digestive process, thyme has been a staple in many cultures, for many years, and is still frequently used today in holistic medicine. Although the uses will vary from region to region, and based on the type of medicine being practiced, these are a few of the many benefits and traditional (and non traditional) uses for thyme, in treating various chronic conditions and ailments one may suffer from.


The different ways in which thyme can be used - 

So you are feeling a bit down. Your head hurts, you Dried Thyme from Jerusalem - Aelia Farmshave a cough, fever and cold starting to kick in? These are just a few of the many ways in which you can

 use thyme, to help alleviate the pains, aches, sores, and discomfort you feel when suffering from such conditions or illnesses. What are the most common uses for thyme? Consider some of these, if you suffer from, or are suddenly hit by any of these conditio
ns, and prefer a more natural method for treating the condition, as opposed to OTC or prescription medication which are readily available. 

1. Cough & acute illness - 

Whether you suffer from the common cough, congestion issues, flu, or more serious conditions like bronchitis, thyme is one of the many herbs which can be used to help in treating such conditions. Thyme has natural healing components, and can help to open the air passages, help make breathing easier, help clear out congestion and mucus, and naturally help in the healing process when suffering from these conditions. A combination of thyme and ivy leaves have been used in various studies, which have been shown to help alleviate the common cough. Further, conditions such as acute bronchitis have been lessened and even cleared up entirely, with the use of thyme, and other natural herbal based remedies. 

2. High blood pressure? - 

Thyme is also tied to helping deal with and treat hypertension or high blood pressure issues. The abstract of the thyme leaves was found to have positive benefits in helping to reduce high blood pressure and heart rats (in which rats were test subjects). Further, it was also shown to help reduce high cholesterol (bad cholesterol levels) with continued use. So whether you suffer from a family history of high blood pressure, or are simply prone to losing your temper easily, the inclusion of thyme extract into the diet, might be a means in which you can help reduce this, and other possible heart related conditions you might otherwise suffer from. 

3. Immune boost - 

If you are always sick, if you are always feeling lethargic and lazy, if you simply do not have drive to do anything, this might be a sign of a weak immune system. What's the solution to these problems? Thyme of course. The high level of vitamin A and C are not only going to help boost the immune system to help increase energy levels, and help ward off the common cold and other conditions which are linked to a weakened immune system. Feel a cold coming on? Then try drinking a tea with thyme in it, as this can instantly increase necessary vitamins in the system, help give your immune system the much needed boost, and naturally help ward off that cold you do not want hanging around during the long holiday weekend. Manganese, copper, fiber; all of these are found in high levels in thyme, and all of these are linked to a healthy, viable, properly running immune system. 

4. Disinfect - 

Mold and mildew are not only an eye sore and have a foul odor, they are also potentially dangerous if found in high quantities, or if toxic forms are found in the home. Use thyme, along with lemon, hot water, and other natural disinfecting agents, to kill these, and other potentially dangerous contaminants and bacterial build up in the home. The essential oils found in thyme have fungicidal properties, which naturally help kill harmful bacteria. Add in the fact that it leaves behind a pleasant scent, and you are not only going to have a cleaner home, but one which also smells piney fresh each time you use it when cleaning areas of the home. 

5. Pests in the home? - 

Not only will thyme help disinfect the home, but if you have pests which simply won't go away, this might be a solution to the problem as well. The pesticides which thyme possesses will not only help to kill those indoor pests, but help get rid of those outdoor pests you don't want hanging around the home either. Not only will this help ward off pests, but can also help in the elimination of bacteria which typically hangs around where these pests hang around. Your home will be cleaner, pest free, and will also be far safer for those who live in the home, as you do not have to deal with the diseases and other possible issues pests can bring along with them when roaming around your home or property. 

6. Bad mood? - 

Thyme can instantly turn that frown upside down. Yes, the natural, fresh scent is an instant mood enhancer. Carvacrol is also a natural ingredient which is found in thyme, which is linked to helping enhance ones mood, and helping bring around good vibes when you are feeling down, depressed, or are simply angry all the time. By affecting neuron inhibitors, carvacrol helps to boost one's mood, and brings around an overall feeling of well being. If you are down, if you have issues bothering you at work or at home, or if you simply aren't feeling your best, consider adding thyme oils or adding a few sprigs to a cup of tea (or your favorite meal), and notice an immediate change in the way you are feeling, and the way in which you treat others around you. 

7. Cooking time? - 

Thyme not only smells great, it also tastes great. It is one of the most commonly used ingredients in many dishes. If you are trying out new recipes, want to add a hint of piney taste and scent to your food, or are simply looking for something new and fresh to try out in the kitchen, this is just the ingredient to add on when you are trying new dishes. The fresh piney taste is not only a new way to enjoy your favorite dishes, but is also going to help improve your pallet, your mood, and help with the many fungicidal properties the herb is known to possess, to help keep you healthy. 

What are the benefits of using thyme? - 

Okay, you hate medicine; you have traditional westernized medicine. You simply can't stand when your doctor sends you to the pharmacy for another drug or OTC. If this is the case, one of the main benefits of thyme is the simple fact that you are not going to require a prescription to take it. It is an herb. It is all natural. It is readily available and can be found nearly anywhere. So, if you are in search of a holistic approach to treating different conditions, this is just it. If you do not like the use of medication or do not want to give your kids dozens of medicine to treat the common cold or cough, then you can give them a tea with thyme in it. It is a natural way to go about treating a number of conditions. 

There are other benefits of thyme as well. If you live with your family and are always in a foul mood, thyme is instantly going to boost your mood. Not only are you going to be a person who is more pleasant to be around, you are also going to feel better about yourself. You are going to treat others better, you are going to have more energy, you will be in a better mood, and you are going to find getting through the normal course of your day far easier as well. Thyme is known to naturally improve and enhance your mood. If you want to feel better, if you want to have more energy during the course of the day, and if you want others to feel more comfortable about being around you, including thyme into your diet, is just what the doctor ordered. 

Thyme is going to help with bacterial conditions. If you live in an area where there are pests roaming around (out in the country), a thyme bush/tree is going to help keep them away. If you are looking for a new disinfectant to clean the home and get rid of germs in the home, then look no further. Not only is it going to get rid of the bacteria and harmful pesticides out there, it is also going to keep your home smelling fresh at all times as well. It is readily available, can be used to clean any area of the home, and it is an ingredient/product which you can use with other cleaning solutions, to truly create a safer environment for you, for your family, as well as for the guests who visit your home. 

Are you a cook? Do you want to be a cook? Or, do you simply like to dabble around and try out new recipes in the home? No matter what your level of culinary precision or expertise, thyme is one of the many herbs out there which is truly going to give you a new way to prepare food, a new way to look at food, and a new way in which you can go about preparing the many dishes you love to eat. Whether you are cooking your first dish and would like to try something easy to prepare, or are looking to enhance the taste or create something entirely new or different in the kitchen, thyme is just the ingredient to add in to the dishes you are going to prepare, which will truly give it that new taste, and give a fresh new look to the dishes you want to prepare. From an ingredient, to a simple garnish, it is one of the best, and most highly used herbs, in several dishes. 

Is it thyme for a change? - 
If you are looking for different ways in which you can use thyme, these are just a few for you to consider. Not only is it an all natural, holistic way to go about treating your family for ailments and different conditions, but the anti bacterial, fungal, and all natural healing capabilities of thyme, are also going to make it a staple which you are going to want to keep in your kitchen cabinet or pantry, (or medicine cabinet), for the many different uses it is going to provide you with around the home.

You aren't limited to the kitchen or medicine cabinet either. This, as is the case with several other herbs, can be used as a vaporizer, a rub, or as an essential oil. If you are looking for all natural thyme, consider our Aelia Herbs. Not only do we avoid the use of additional, harmful ingredients to the mix, we only sell all natural, safe for use and consumption herbs as well. With so many benefits, its about thyme to make a change, eliminate medication and OTC, and consider the use of all natural herbs in treating certain conditions and ailments you and your family may suffer from.

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