Bone Health

Bone Health

Olive oil has been known to assist with various conditions. From damaged hair to bone health, it can provide a number of benefits. Whether suffering from osteoporosis, or whether you want to prevent such bone health issues, olive oil can help. Olive oil has been shown to provide bone health to users. An increase in osteocalcin (a major protein that is present in the bones), is one of the major benefits. By strengthening this protein, and a marked increase in concentration of certain bone markers, guarantees more powerful bones, and fewer issues with bone health as individuals age.

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Serum calcium levels were also found to be elevated in test studies which were conducted, when individuals included olive oil as a regular part of their diet. With balanced levels of the serum, there were fewer possibilities that bones would become frail or brittle, and a guarantee that bone health would not be an issue as individuals who consume the oil frequently.

One of the main reasons why experts believe the olive oil was a contributory factor in bone health being increased and bones being strengthened, was the fact that olive oil has a number of anti inflammatory benefits to users. When inflammation is reduced, less pressure is placed on the joints, meaning your bones are not going to suffer from certain conditions, like calcium deficiencies, or osteoporosis, as you age. Oleocanthal is also highly found in olive oil. This natural phytonutrient is a protein, which has strong anti inflammatory capabilities. The monosaturated fats found in olive oil means bones are less susceptible to oxidation, decay, and other problems, which are commonly found with individuals who suffer from certain conditions, namely osteoporosis as they age.

Although not noted in studies, olive oil can also help reduce an individual's weight, which is a common reason certain people suffer from poor bone health and decay. The simple fact that you reduce your weight, can in turn be an attributing factor that you will not suffer from bone health issues as you age.

Like several other health benefits, olive oil and the anti inflammatory capabilities, along with powerful nutrient base, have also been linked to better overall bone health. With continued use not only will the oil help increase bone strength, it can also help reduce potential bone health issues, and can potentially help individuals who suffer from conditions like osteoporosis and other bone conditions as they get older.