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Olive Tree

  graceful scene of Olive trees growing in Jerusalem with beautiful surrounds

Olive trees are one of the most naturally resilient trees on earth, and are capable of surviving in practically any climate and environment. However, if you’re planting the tree exclusively for its crop, then particular care must be taken to ensure consistent and bountiful yields. It is quite common for olive orchards to be harvested well over its hundredth year; in fact, there are a few thousand-year-old olive trees found in the Garden of Gethsemane in Mount of Olives in Jerusalem that continues to bear fruit to this day! 
Olive trees are native to some parts of Africa, tropical and central Asia and the Mediterranean. Several things are required in order to ensure that the olive trees produce quality fruits. They need a winter chill, a frost free environment and a long, hot growing season to set the fruit. The process of growing olive trees can be quite challenging.
Regardless of whether you’ll be planting in the garden behind the house or in a commercial orchard, the key lies in the preparatory work and upkeep during the early days.
With that in mind, we’ve compiled below a list of Materials that will steer you in the right direction in your Olive Oil production project.
  • Growing & Nursing Olive Trees 
      • Climate 
      • Soil & Drainage 
      • Exposure 
      • Incline & Neighboring Properties 
      • Purpose
      • Size & Pollination
      • Variety Of High Density Orchard
      • Soil & Water Analysis 
      • Soil Preparation
      • Irrigation Installation 
      • Spacing Olive Tree
      • Planting Olive Tree
      • Pruning & Training
      • Olive Tree Pruning
      • Fertilizing & Amendments
      • Weed , Pest & Desease Control
      • Frost Prevention     
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