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Skin Cancer

Many studies and research suggest that olive oil can play an integral role in reducing the risk of individuals getting certain types of skin cancer. Namely, colon, breast, prostate, ovarian, and skin cancers. Oleic acid (which is a main component in the oil), has been studied, and found to help in the reduction of the effect of oncognea (a gene which can turn a host, in to a cancer cell). Olive oil has been found to destroy these genes, and help fight, prevent, or reduce the cancer cells (in individuals who are already infected), with the skin cancers.


Monounsaturated fats (namely the oleic acid), along with the anti inflammatory properties, and specific minor components found in olive oil, all attribute to its ability to fight certain types of skin cancer. Olive oil can have a major benefit, at different stages, when trying to fight cancerous cells from forming, or diminishing the number of affected cells, in individuals who suffer from cancer.


Studies confirmed that the polyphenols found in olive oil are extremely effective in combating breast cancer cells. Olive oil helped lead to fewer and smaller tumors in women suffering from breast cancer as well. The high antioxidant count in olive oil was also found to provide benefits to individuals who suffer from prostate cancer, and other forms of inflammatory based cancers. Further, the anti inflammatory capabilities of olive oil, prove beneficial to help reduce the cancerous cells, and infected cells in the body.


In terms of skin cancer, olive oil has also proven beneficial in treating, and in preventing the development of cancerous cells in the body. Even affected areas of the skin, which have gone through extensive sun damage, will benefit from olive oil. The antioxidants found in the olive oil is linked to helping in the fight, prevention, and reduction of cases in which skin cancer is responsible for taking peoples' lives. The sunlight which damages DNA through oxidation, is reduced when olive oil is included in to the diet.


Although the amount required, or how often one should consume olive oil is not exact in nature, studies, and extensive research has proven that olive oil is extremely beneficial in the fight against cancer. Whether it is colon or breast cancer, or whether you suffer from skin cancer and damage from the sun, there are a number of benefits found in the oils, to help fight, or even prevent these forms of cancer.

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