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Although olive oil isn't going to prevent obesity, those who are overweight or obese, and are in need of a solution for weight loss, turning to this, as opposed to other oils (canola), will help in your attempts at weight loss. First off, research suggests that consuming olive oil helps stimulate the mitochondrial DNA (key cellular component). The hydroxytyrosol (an antioxidant in olive oil), helps boost energy production, in turn boosting the mitochondria to work harder and produce more energy. This benefits consumers by giving them more energy to burn more calories (reducing obesity levels), helps in prevention of heart disease, and can also help sufferers of type 2 diabetes.


Another benefit is the fact that olive oil is rich in monosaturated fatty acids (the good fats), which can help reduce LDL cholesterol levels (bad cholesterol). Research has suggested diets which are rich in these fats helped reduce central obesity levels, helped reduce abdominal fat, and helped with insulin sensitivity ( a benefit for diabetics). All of these factors will result in higher weight loss results, in turn, helping reduce obesity levels. Further, replacing other fats (especially saturated fats), will help reduce overall caloric intake, bad fat intake, and will help individuals who suffer from, or are prone to becoming obese (due to family genetics).


Oleic acid, which is another fatty acid found in olive oil, has also been found to help reduce obesity levels. The acid has been found to be turned in to protein, which produces a signal that goes to your brain, informing your body you have had enough to eat. This means fewer calories will be consumed during the day, which will naturally result in more weight loss. By shutting off the hunger signal, it will not only help those trying to fight obesity, but anyone who is a few pounds overweight.


Although prevention of obesity isn't proven, there are a number of health benefits by consuming olive oil. These are a few ways it can help with caloric consumption, help reduce bad cholesterol, reduce fat intake, and eventually help those who are fighting or are prone to becoming obese.

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