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Damaged Hair

Damaged Hair

Damaged hair, broken follicles, hair loss; these are all issues many people suffer from, and olive oil has been hailed as a miracle solution for such problems. Of course depending on the severity of the damage and cause of it, the amount needed, and how well it is going to work, will vary for different individuals. However, these are a few benefits individuals who suffer from damaged hair will notice, by incorporating olive oil to their hair care regime.

It can treat dandruff. Mixed with lemon juice and zest, a small amount of olive oil can reduce dandruff by loosening the dandruff (acidic lemon juice), and moisturizing your hair (oil). Olive oil has also been found to help reduce split ends. Breakage, splitting, and frizz are all problems associated with having longer hair, which has grown out to the root's end. A small dab of olive oil can resolve all of these issues. It will add weight and moisture to your hair, it will help reduce fly away strands, and it will help provide natural shine and balance.

Dry, damaged hair is also easily treated with an olive oil solution. Olive oil is known to help with chemical imbalances, scalp sensitivity, and helps soften and create moisture to your scalp. In turn, as new hair grows in, it is going to appear smoother, softer, and finer, rather than coarse and rigid. And, hair which is close to the scalp, will retain more moisture, for a softer finish, and brighter looking appearance.


For treated hair, damage is something that you can't escape, olive oil also works wonders on chemically treated hair. The natural oils will saturate the scalp, helping reduce chemical imbalances. And, with UV and sun damage, the oils will help balance dryness, and retain moisture. It will gently soothe and heal your hair and scalp, resulting in a shiny, healthy glow.

Olive oil provides a number of benefits for your damaged hair. A small amount mixed in with your shampoo, or a tsp placed on your scalp and covered by a shower cap once a week, will result in finer, softer, smoother, and healthier looking hair. All these benefits will be realized in a very short period of time.

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