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Mission Statement - Aelia Farms

 Aelia olive oil was founded on the premise that one day millions of People around the globe could enjoy pure, high quality , cold pressed olive oil from the extraordinary lands of Jerusalem . The olives that we select for our cold pressed Aelia olive oil are of the highest quality and are grown in Jerusalem and prepared with one of the most advanced cold pressing methods available today. We continuously strive to produce a top quality product so that we can ensure the purest form of olive oil available on the market today . Aelia olive oil is filled with many health benefits and nutrients. We at Aelia put great effort into choosing the highest quality olive trees used in the part of the country where the best olives are found on earth.

Here at Aelia we use the cold pressed method so we can ensure that we don't destroy the delicate flavors and natural aromas that get lost through the traditional method of adding heat. The olive trees used have been around for centuries, producing the highest quality olives in our region. At Aelia Farmsl were constantly striving to use the new methods of producing the best quality cold pressed olive oil while still keeping the traditions passed on by our ancestors, preserving tradition.

Olive oil known as one of the worlds healthiest foods, shares many benefits. One benefit shared in association with our cold pressed methods used here at Aelia Olive Oil. Olive oil has been proven to cause a decrease in one's risk for heart disease; one of the many preventative measures taking against cancer. Also, considered a great anti-inflammatory having shown resulting with great effects towards an upward trajectory in bone and digestive health. The possibilities are endless, whether you drink it, cook with it, or if used in a beauty regimen, our olive oil is full of flavor bringing life to any dish. Other ways to incorporate the use of our Aelia Olive Oil doesn't just end in the kitchen. Aelia Olive Oil provides ways to enhance your body, hair, skin and nails. Lastly, additional use of our @AeliaFarmsincludes use as a skin moisturizer and is even considered to be an anti-frizz treatment for your hair as well as aftershave.

We also offer a wide variety of wooden hand crafted products and soaps made out of 100% cold pressed pure olive oil. We hope to continue expanding our product line in hopes of reaching more customers across the globe.

We appreciate any feedback and we hope you enjoy shopping at Aelia Farm.

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