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Here at Aelia Farms we use the cold pressed method so we can ensure that we don’t destroy the delicate flavors and natural aromas of olive oil that get lost through the traditional method of adding heat. The olive trees used are family grown, pressed locally and have been around for centuries, producing the highest quality olives in our region.

We’re constantly striving to provide the worlds healthiest foods and recipes that shares many benefits, expanding and producing the highest quality that mother nature has to offer its irresistible natural remedies that are clearly essential for rejuvenating and enhancing our daily performance.

Make certain that here at Aelia Farm we offer an exquisite variety of Mediterranean Aromatic Delights such as Herbs & Spices , Olive Oil & Handcrafted Olive Wood Products that are manufactured here in Jerusalem ( The Holy Land ) and has been around for  centuries.

We appreciate any feedback and we hope you enjoy.

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