How Can Olive Oil Reduce Pain and Treat Earache
How Can Olive Oil Reduce Pain and Treat Earache 

You may have heard of, and even tried a handful of home remedies for the cough and flu; but, when you or a child suffers from an earache, the use of olive oil to alleviate the pain is one that may prove beneficial. An earache is a common condition, most people have suffered from. And, although it may be an underlying issue, or simply a symptom of other illnesses or conditions, it is a major discomfort for certain individuals, and the pain can be quite intense for certain people.

The good news is that a few drops of olive oil can help in treating an earache. Many experts agree a few drops of warm olive oil in to the ear can help provide relief to the individuals suffering from the pain. You can also dip a cotton ball in to the oil, and place it over the ear. Anti inflammatory powers of olive oil, can help reduce inflammation, redness ,and pain which are common with earaches. Adding minced garlic to a small amount of olive oil is also a viable treatment solution for the pain. Allowing the garlic to immerse itself in to the oil, can provide an additional pain relief method that traditional medication is not going to provide.

For middle ear infections, olive oil will soothe the inflamed and infected area once the warm oil reaches the eardrum. For an outer earache or infection, the oil should simply be placed on the portion which is red or inflamed, in order to help provide the relief that you seek from such pain. Itching, swelling, and redness, are all commonly associated with this type of earache; a small dab of warm (or room temperature) olive oil, can go a long way in providing the healing benefits you seek, when suffering from such pain.

Different earaches and pain you suffer from, may require medication in order to treat the pain. But, if it is an outer or middle ear infection or earache, more often than not, olive oil will help reduce the pain, swelling, redness, and tightening of the stretched tissue, which is commonly associated with this type of earache. In just a short period of time, the anti inflammatory capabilities of the oil, along with the warmer temperature, is going to help with the pain and can help reduce the stretched ear canal and eardrum, which is most likely to blame for the pain you are suffering from.

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