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Chamomile - Its many benefits & uses

 Tea anyone? For centuries, chamomile has been a staple in teas. Used for the relaxing benefits, its anti-inflammatory capabilities, soothing, and calming effects, it is one of the most popular plant derived drinks for consumption. But, it is not only a staple ingredient for tea drinkers. In fact, there are dozens upon dozens of uses for the plant based family (daily-like plants) which are known as chamomile plants. So, whether using it as a drink (cold or hot tea), to help treat conditions such as arthritis (or other inflammatory conditions), or helping sooth a sore throat or upset stomach, you will quickly learn there are various uses and benefits of this all natural ingredient. 

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A short history of chamomile & its uses -  
Chamomile has been around for centuries. It became popular early in Greek and Roman, and Egyptian medicine, prior to modern day medicine which we are so familiar with today. Its popularity grew throughout the middle ages as it was used as an all natural remedy for a number of ailments. 
Among these were: - Colic. If your child (or you) suffer from upset stomach, gastrointestinal issues, or other viral conditions, it can help. 
- Asthma and breathing conditions. 
- Fevers, hives, chills. 
- Inflammatory conditions, bone and joint health, and general health uses. If you suffer from arthritis, or other similar conditions which cause inflammation to the bones or joints, it is an all natural remedy which can be used to treat these conditions. 
The fact that it was readily available, served a number of purposes as an all natural healer, and could be used in the raw form, were just a few of the many reasons it became a staple in these cultures during the middle ages and moving forward. 

Although we have modern day medicine today, chamomile is still a staple ingredient in many medicines. Further, for those who choose holistic approaches, and prefer all natural healing over the use of traditional medicine today, find it to be one of the best ingredients, and most beneficial, due to the fact that it can treat a number of conditions, aches, pains, and can also serve as a sleeping aid or calming aid for those who suffer from different conditions. 

Uses for chamomile - 

There are many different ways in which chamomile can be used. In pill form, in the raw form, in teas and powders, are a few of the many ways in which it can be used. Among the more popular uses for chamomile include: 

1. Calming agent - 

It is a staple in many teas (chamomile or chamomile and anise based teas). It is not only going to help individuals relax, it helps to soothe, relax, and alleviate tension and pain. Further, it has an all natural calming ability. For sufferers of sleeping conditions, or individuals who simply have a hard time relaxing, this is a great ingredient to look for in drinks/foods. 

2. Stomach conditions -

For fevers, for mild aches and pain, inflammatory conditions. These are just a few of the many ways in which chamomile can be used to treat different ailments. From an upset stomach, to fevers, throwing up, or gastrointestinal issues, chamomile will naturally soothe, relax, and help alleviate the aches, pain, and discomfort one is suffering from. 

3. Inflammation - 

Chamomile is known to help naturally reduce inflammation, redness, and soreness. If you suffer from arthritic conditions, this is one of the main ingredients which are found in medicine (both prescription and OTC). For bone and joint pain, and general soreness and inflammation, chamomile will naturally help reduce, alleviate, and bring down levels of pain. 

4. Bacterial - 

Anti bacterial, natural cleaning, anti-allergenic, anti-fungal; these are just a few of the many ways in which chamomile can be used to treat a number of bacterial conditions. Whether treating a bacterial condition, fungal condition, or trying to kill bacteria (if the kids are sick or simply around the home in cleaning products/agents), this is an all natural ingredient which you want to look for to help in keeping the home clean, and keeping germs at bay. 

5. Wound treatment - 

From treating an open wound, to fungal or bacterial open wound, or even hemorrhoids, this is another reason in which chamomile can be used to treat wounds. From helping close an open wound, bring down bruising, help close cuts and scrapes, or even treat burns, chamomile is a one of the best all natural healing agents. 

6. Healthy skin promotion - 

Do you want healthy skin? Do you want to see younger, vibrant skin? Want to treat those crow's feet, under eye bags, and other signs of aging? Of course, we all do. Chamomile is not only going to help treat different skin conditions, it can be used as a rub or spread. It can be used to naturally help alleviate aging skin, it can be used to help with hydration, and will naturally help improve the overall appearance of aging skin over time. 

Although this is not an all inclusive list of uses, these are a few of the main ways in which you can use chamomile to treat different conditions. Whether suffering from general pain, body aches, or more serious conditions, chamomile is an all natural solution to many of these conditions. Further, for those who prefer to stay away from prescription medication, and prefer an all natural way, or holistic approach to treating conditions, this is a natural ingredient to look for. Drinking tea, using it as a rub, ointment, or making your own natural healing solutions, this is a natural ingredient which can go a long way in treating various conditions. It is safe for use for adults and children as well. 

Non-traditional use - 
Chamomile is also use as a natural essential oil. Extracted from the chamomile flower, its all natural, refreshing scent, can help in soothing the body, relaxing the muscles, alleviating joint pains and aches, or even treating different conditions. When used in the oil form, whether being used on adults or children, it is very important to read labels of the essential oil, so as to avoid over use. Not only can this cause pain/discomfort, but can lead to burns or other sores if proper amounts of the oil aren't used on areas of the skin as a topical agent. 

So, what are some ways in which the oil is used? It can be used to help alleviate belly aches and pains by rubbing a small amount over the stomach. It can be used to treat ear aches and pain, used as a drop, or behind the ears. You can use the oil in a bath, for natural relaxation and to help relax the muscles. It can also be used as a rub for deep tissue massage, in an effort to help alleviate joint pain, muscle pain, and overall body aches and pains which you are suffering from. 

Benefits of using chamomile - 

Now that you know the many different methods in which you can use chamomile, what are the benefits of using it, especially in terms of using it as opposed to medication or prescription drugs? 

1. One of the main benefits of using chamomile is the simple fact that you can avoid prescription drugs and medication. For those who do not like ingesting prescriptions, do not want to give their kids prescriptions, or want to use all natural remedies for different ailments or conditions, this is your solution. Not only is it all natural, it is available in many forms, which means you do not have to rely on traditional medication which most people use today. 

2. Chamomile is an herb. As is the case with other natural herbs, there are no additives. There are no different medications or artificial ingredients added to it. For those who like all natural, and like using products which are safe for use, consumption, and general healing, these are just a few of the many benefits of choosing chamomile, as opposed to choosing prescription drugs and medication for healing or treating conditions. 

3. It can treat different conditions, such as diabetes. It can also help some individuals who suffer from hyperglycemia. Although it is not guaranteed, when used in conjunction with other natural healing aids, it can help reduce the need for insulin, and other prescription medications which many pharmacies try to force on individuals who suffer from these conditions. 

4. It promotes sleep. Do you suffer from insomnia? Toss and turn all night in bed? Sleep lightly? If you answered yes to these, you are going to find that you can avoid relying on medication, sleeping pills, and other addictive products out there. Instead, you can rely on the use of this natural herb, as it will not only help alleviate and soothe your mind, but will also help act as a natural relaxant to help individuals who have a hard time falling, staying asleep, or both. 

5. It can help reduce cancerous cells. Although it is not going to kill cancer, or prevent individuals from getting cancer, it is possible to help kill the harmful cells. Research is still ongoing, and there are debates as to the effectiveness of chamomile to helping treat cancer, numerous studies have pointed to show it can help reduce the cells, and can serve many purposes in helping treat/fight cancer moving forward. 

6. It is not caffeinated. For those who depend on or are easily addicted to medication, prescriptions, or other ingredients, this is not a problem with using chamomile as a healing agent. 

The benefits are truly countless. The simple fact that chamomile is all natural, can heal, can help reduce paint, inflammation, can treat conditions, can help alleviate open wounds and cuts, and can help heal or treat a number of conditions which many drugs can't, are just a few of the many ways in which chamomile are proven beneficial to users. 

So, is chamomile right for you? - 
There is truly no question to ask as to whether or not chamomile is safe or not. Due to the fact that it is all natural, because it is non-addictive, because it is safe for consumption, anyone can use chamomile. It is also safe for the use of treating different conditions or ailments for both adults and children. Whether your child has a tummy ache and can't go to sleep, or you have had a hard week at work, and can't fall asleep at night, you can use this as an all natural remedy. Sip it in your favorite tea, use it as a rub, or consider the use of essential oils. Any and everyone can benefit from the use of chamomile. 

Why choose our product? - 
Our Aelia herbs are not only all natural, they are going to promote the many benefits of chamomile which have been laid out above. For individuals who are looking for high quality, potent, and the safest products on the market, you are going to find it with our new product. Regardless of the desired uses or the many ways in which you plan on using the herb, our product is going to promote the many benefits and healing capabilities chamomile are proven to promote. Rather than purchase over priced products, or those which have additives or fillers, consider our product as an all natural alternative to other products available on the market today. 

Why has chamomile been used for so long? Why has it been used for centuries on end in Greek, Ancient Roman, and Egyptian cultures for so long? It is a natural solution and natural way to heal a number of conditions which individuals suffer from. And, why has it withstood the test of time and lasted for so many years as a natural way to treat different conditions? The reason must be because it works. It is all natural. It can heal, it can help alleviate, it can help you with sleep conditions and disorders. The simple fact that it can treat so much, can do so much, and is a natural way to treat different conditions, is the main reason chamomile is so highly trusted and used by millions of people around the world today. Regardless of your intended uses, you are immediately going to realize the benefits of, and natural healing which chamomile promotes for users.

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