Brain Function

Brain function

Improved cognitive function is known characteristic of the Mediterranean diet - Ed. As a major oil pattern this diet, olive oil is of special interest to researchers interested in nutrition and cognitive function. A large study recently conducted among the elderly in France, is the visual memory and fluency would be improved with what the researchers called "intensive use" of olive oil. Means "intensive use" in this case was the regular use of olive oil, not only for cooking or as an ingredient in sauces salads and stews, but all these circumstances together.
Equally fascinating, in the cognitive domain, is a recent study on the consumption of olive oil and brain function. Laboratory animals in their brain activity was hit by the lack of oxygen, the consumption of olive oil help balance the different types of brain-related problems, such as water content is not balanced, unbalanced activity of the nervous system, and more. This study in animals has given scientists new clues about the many ways in which olive oil may provide cognitive benefit us.