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About Olive Oil


With stronger olives, the oil produced in this part of the world is stronger than from other regions of the world. As the olives is harvested completely by hand, the amount and quality of hand picked are used in production,and are closely monitored, for the best possible taste and strength.


Harvest -

With a vast variety of olives grown in the area, there are also different flavors which the olive oil can take on. Depending on the time of harvest, and the type of olives which are used in production, the taste of the olive oils which are produced, will vary.


No refining process -

With the ripe olives used in Jerusalem, to produce olive oil, no further refining is required. The oil can be squeezed directly out of the olives, meaning no additional flavors have to be added to the end product. Its ready for consumption, and it is the purest oil which can be purchased around the world.


Acidity -

Depending on the acidity of the olives which are used for producing oil, the classification given to the olive oil will vary. For extra olive oil, up to .5% acidity; while 1 to 1.5% classification, would be considered virgin olive oil. The oil is only filtered through a cold filter press upon being removed from the olives, and is ready for consumption after this process.


Names given -

Depending on whether any additives are placed in the oil, different names may also be given. Some of these include:

- Pure olive oil: is a combination of extra virgin olive oil and refined oil.

- Extra light: is the name given for refined oil.

- Pomace: is refined oil, which is extracted, and goes through a second heat extraction process, prior to being bottled.

These are some of the most commonly found forms of oil on the market; depending on the process used to produce, and the type of olives which are used in the production process, different companies use different terms to define and name their oils.


There are several ways to process and produce olive oil which is sold for consumption. Although the purest form is extra virgin olive oil, there are different grades of oil, produced using different types of olives, which are sold to the end consumer. No matter what type of oil you purchase, the best grade olive oils are those produced with the purest olives, found in the M. East. Not only are there several varieties of olives which are harvested for the production of the oil, but they are the most natural olives, and oldest, found around the world, which means a far better quality and better taste .

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